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About Us

License Number: 853547

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We provide an affordable solution to the full spectrum of remodeling projects for the Los Angeles Metro Area.  If you can imagine it, chances are we can build it.  Our team of experts can also share their vast experience in helping you to tailor a custom solution to your needs.  Regardless of what kind of work you need, we will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the results.

American Builder is your go-to source for construction and remodeling projects in the Los Angeles metro area.  We’ve served the community for years, and strive to provide the best service in the industry.  We believe that a job done well saves money and wasted effort in repairs down the line.  We hire only the best and brightest for our construction crew, and our team will ensure the job is completed to perfection.  We handle a wide variety of construction jobs such as bathroom and kitchen remodeling, adding rooms on to a property, paint and stucco work, along with many other improvements.

The Los Angeles Metro Area is a vibrant community, and American Builder 4 U is proud to satisfy its diverse needs.  We strive to bring a personal touch to customer service, so you can feel comfortable with our friendly crew working in your home. Our team will work with you, listen to your needs carefully, and craft a custom solution that is exclusively tailored to your situation.

Our Mission:

American Builder was founded on one simple principle; provide the highest quality home construction service in the Los Angeles Metro Area at the lowest price imaginable.

We rely on our team of knowledgeable professionals, who utilize the latest techniques, quality building materials, and the newest technology to be a leader in the Los Angeles Metro Area construction industry.  We strive for excellence, our quality of service, affordability and level of expertise is unmatched.  It can be extremely frustrating to live in your home when extended periods of construction interrupt the peace, and that’s why our team strives to finish their projects as quickly, and painlessly as possible for the homeowner.

One of the pitfalls of construction and home remodeling projects is that they can sometimes put your residence in violation of the building code.   American Builder 4 U makes your safety their top priority, and you can be certain that any work performed on your home will be in compliance with all building construction codes.   Don’t risk putting yourself in legal or physical harm by working with inferior builders; you can rely on us for a job done right.

American Builder is the solution for your Los Angeles Metro Area construction and remodeling projects.

If you’re looking to add-on to your property, re-model a room, or need other improvements done, we will do the job right, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Call us today for a quote, we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality, because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

License Number: 853547

American Builder Construction Company
6308 Woodman Ave Van Nuys #108, CA, 91401
1 (818) 782 8453