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Timothy P.
2015-03-03, 03:00
I've been a homeowner for over 20yrs and I've never met a contractor prior to American builder I didn't wanna kill with a sledgehammer , thanks to American Builder I've Concord my demons ...thanks American builder you're the best !!!!!

Los Angeles, CA
Helen M.
2015-03-01, 20:06
Sharone did a complete remodel of our luxury condo in Beverly Hills. Came out perfect and whatever small issues arose afterward were dealt with no problem. No complaints and excellent work. I would give him 10 stars if possible. He is trustworthy (he did the entire remodel over 6 months while I still lived in NY). He sent me emails with photos almost every day) and neat. I recommend Sharone without any reservation and his remodel included our kitchen and two baths. Came out beautiful and if you want someone honest and sincere, he is a great choice!

Los Angeles, CA
Alan J.
2015-02-15, 18:23
Sharone did a complete remodel of my Condo including new kitchen and 2.5 baths. Most of it done while i was not in town. He did a great job and helped me pick every thing without a decorator. He is very patient and has excellent taste. He gets the job done and does what he promises.
He is a very decent, honest and talented guy.

Beverly Hills, CA
Beverly L.
2015-01-10, 22:49
I hired Sharone Geeter of American Builder Construction to completely remodel my condo in Beverly Hills. I lived in NY at the time and took a leap of faith that he would be competent and trustworthy enough to handle this big job in a professional manner. I was pleasantly surprised! He sent me pictures several times a week so I could make decisions and see what was going on. I can only say that the job turned out great and was so good that several other owners in my building decided to hire him to re-do their units. Here's my honest appraisal.......I trust him totally and I found that even after the job was done and paid for he would return to make corrections to things that needed attention. For example, a high-hat in my master bath seemed to be rusting from the humidity, so a year later he returned and replaced it with a new fixture that could not rust. A door in our kitchen cabinet began to separate, so a year and half after the job was done, he came back and replaced the door with a new one. This is almost unheard of after a job is completed and paid for in my experience. I would give him 10 stars! Finally, an honest and trustworthy tradesman! If he reads this, thank you Sharone!

Beverly Hills, CA
Kevin M.
2014-10-03, 17:10
Ron was great. Assisted me with every concern and guided the project so smoothly. Very professional. Thank you Ron.

North Hollywood, CA
Frances K.
2014-07-14, 21:11
Very good work. Employees are all skilled and willing to accommodate any ideas by the homeowner. Clean up every day

West Hills, CA
Hannah O.
2014-07-14, 21:11
Sharone promised me that I would be completely satisfied with American Builder's quality of work and I was. In fact, I was more than satisfied and my house looks better than it did before the water damage. He did everything as promised. Even though there was a lot of texture in my ceiling and walls, which is difficult to match, he was able to make it look exactly the same way as before and even fix some of the previous damage from normal wear and tear. My insurance company was not cooperative and he was able to represent me and return my house to a condition that was better than it was before the water damage. Initially they did not want to replace my floors, but he was able to reason with them to replace my floors and they look beautiful! The quality of the floors is much better than what I had before and I would recommend definitely recommend American Builder to anyone who needs construction work done on their home.

Los Angeles, CA
Jenny J.
2014-07-14, 21:10
American Builder did a fantasticccc job in the complete remodeling of my new home. I am usually a very picky person when it comes to my home but Sharone promised me I would be happy once he was done., and let me tell you I am more then happy!!!

American Builder also built an addition in my home. My biggest worry was that it would take a lot longer then promised. My home was completed exactly on time...

I just wanted to say thank you Sharone and American Builders company!!!

Los Angeles, CA
American Builder Construction Company
6308 Woodman Ave Van Nuys #108, CA, 91401
1 (818) 782 8453